• If you marry on a Wednesday, you will be happy; if you marry on Friday or Saturday, you will be unhappy.
• A double wedding means unhappiness to one of the couples.
• It is bad luck to try on the wedding gown before the ceremony.
• Losing the wedding ring brings bad luck.
• The bride should step over the church sill with her right foot to assure happiness.

How to Catch a Man:
• Pull a hair from the head of someone you love, and he will love you deeply.
• He will love you if you serve him one of these potions: a bowl of soup with three drop of your blood in it,
a glass of lemonade that contains your fingernail filings or has had your toenail clippings soaked in it.

Sure Signs Your Marriage Will Take Place Soon:
• You stumble going up a flight of stairs.
• You have hairy legs.
• The lines on your palm form an M.
• You dream of taking a bath.
• You sit on a table.

To Discover Your Future Mate’s Name:
• Tag dry onions with boys’ names before planting them. The first one that sprouts will be the man you marry.
• Fill your mouth with water, run around the block three times, and the first person you see after you stop
will have the same name as your future husband.

To Dream What Your Future Husband Will Look Like:
• Sleep with a mirror under your pillow.
• Count nine stars each night for nine nights.
• Wear your nightgown inside out.
• Rub your bedposts with lemon peels before turning off your lights.

To Discover Your Future Mate’s Initials
• Soak a shoelace in water, throw it at the ceiling, and read the initial in the mark on the ceiling.

To marry Anyone You Choose:
• Eats one hundred chicken gizzards at one time, or swallow whole the raw heart of a chicken.

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